Drivers of growth in the Indian chemcials industry

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The chemical industry in India contributes 5% overall to India’s GDP and has experienced double digit year on year growth. Indian chemical firms are experiencing year on year growth average of 10 - 15%. This contrasts with the South African chemicals industry which is experiencing limited growth in the last 2-3 years. Further to this it is expected that the Indian chemical industry will soon be one of the biggest players in the global chemicals industry.

Comparing the South African and Chinese policy frameworks in support of clothing and textiles

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The South African clothing, textile and footwear industry has contracted since the liberalisation of the South African economy. The South African government has sought to support the industry though import tariffs of up to 40% and trade agreements with significant trading blocs. In addition, the government has made specific investment in the industry through the Clothing and Textile Competitiveness Programme (CTCP).


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