Boost Programme for Cape Town CMTs

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2014 has seen the commencement of an exciting learning curve for 7 SME clothing firms in Cape Town. The firms, most of which are suppliers to leading retailers, were part of the Boost Development Programme which focused on developing the businesses through joint meetings, workshops and tours. Common challenges were identified amongst the firms and addressed as topics in the programme.

Benchmarking platform adopted in India

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The automotive industry is characterised by advanced product technology, process technology and management practices. This makes is a challenging environment for lower tier suppliers to compete in, especially if those suppliers are based in countries with developing automotive industries.

In recognition of these challenges the Government of India’s Ministry of Heavy Industries has partnered with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Automotive Component Manufacturing Association of India (ACMA) to provide assistance to Indian suppliers.

The South African chemicals manufacturing industry’s competitiveness progress and current profile

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The chemicals manufacturing industry in South Africa is challenged by limited domestic sales and cost competitiveness. A number of these manufacturers were benchmarked over the past year, revealing the performance relative to a sample of domestic and international manufacturing operations. The performance was measured in terms of key performance areas such as growth, competitiveness and productivity.


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