ISO/TS 16949 - Where do we need to focus to improve performance?

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Automotive quality standards are notoriously stringent. Given the high cost of quality, customers want some level of assurance regarding the standard of supplier quality performance; while suppliers are interested in introducing the culture and standards within their businesses that allow them to deliver high quality products cost effectively. The result has been the introduction of standards like TS 16949 which give confidence to both customer and supplier that quality standards may be met and cost effectively.

The race for Africa is on – opportunities for the chemicals sector

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A few years ago Africa was dubbed by the Economist as the Hopeless Continent. This has changed dramatically in recent years, with global markets taking note of the rapid economic growth that is being experienced across Africa. This rapid growth has contrasted significantly with the sluggish growth being experienced in many of the world’s developed markets.

2014 supplier performance review

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The latest analysis of benchmarking data from 153 suppliers (47 in South Africa, 85 in developed countries and a further 21 in developing countries) provides critical insights into the performance of the South African automotive industry in 2014 relative to key economies that we compete against in terms of localisation, exports and investment.

There are three key findings that emerge from the analysis.


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